Smartcard - The UCC Campus Smartcard

Due to an increase in demand for new services on UCC ID cards - Smartcard has been introduced to the UCC Campus. In addition to being used as access and ID cards, Student and Staff cards can now be used for print and copy facilities, electronic payments at points of sale and select vending on campus.

Cardholders will have the ability to load money on their card at cash top up machines in addition to an online Smartcard top up facility.

From this online top up facility Students and Staff will be able to view their balance and transactions in addition to ‘hotlisting’ their card in the event of it being lost or stolen. Once the card is ‘hotlisted – their balance is protected. This balance can then be transferred onto a new card where required. Additionally, they will be able to allocate balances to both a general electronic purse and a print/copy purse on their card.

Existing Students and Staff do not need to get a new ID card. Current UCC ID Cards can be enabled for the new Smartcard services via the ‘Tap & Go’ devices which will be located on Campus. Instructions on how to enable cards will be provided at these areas. The location of the ‘Tap & Go’ devices will be documented on the UCC Smartcard website which will be launching shortly.

This service will also be available to visitors and other cardholders, the Smartcard online top up facility will be specifically available to Students and Staff.

Additional services will be introduced overtime with the aim of reducing cash on the Campus, therefore, increasing security. These will be communicated prior to their introduction.

Redeeming Your Voucher

The top ups available on this web store are referred to as vouchers. Once the top up transaction is complete, the next time the ID Card is inserted into a reader devices across campus, your top up will be automatically be delivered onto your card. This is called – ‘Redeeming your voucher’

If your card is not updated with a top-up you have carried out, please report this to the staff at the Smartcard Office which is located in Áras na Mac Léinn. Alternatively, report this using the e-mail address below.

Smartcard enquiries e-mail address: smartcard@ucc.ie